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Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls

Small or large, adding a water feature to your property can be a satisfying experience.
  • Decorative landscape works
  • Koi ponds
  • Natural ponds
  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Water aeration
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Pond & small lake management (2-5 acres)
  • Pumps and parts

Design and Construction

Ponds and fountains can be installed almost anywhere with access to a water source. You might want it to be illuminated as well, to be lit beautifully at night.

Small designs can be built in a few days, while more advanced construction could take two weeks or more.

Tell me your idea or let me design something just for you.

Keeping Your Water Clean

An aerating fountain
Ponds are prone to becoming stagnant and smelly. If you have a pond or water body on your property that needs help, give me a call.

Cleaning your water will cause foul smells to disappear. Oxygen levels will return to normal and stabilize. Health of fish and plants will return to normal. Algae levels will decrease. There will be reduced hatching of mosquitos and midges. Animals won't get sick from drinking it.

An aeration system can bring your pond back to life. The goal is to circulate and oxygenate the water, returning the pond to a healthy environment. Pro-Turf Irrigation uses Aqua Control lake bed aerators and display aerators.

A lake bed aerator creates lots of small air bubbles at the bottom of a pond that carry a column of water to the surface. This provides bottom-to-top circulation, especially important in deep ponds. A small shore-mounted air compressor pumps air through a tube to a diffuser at the bottom of your pond, where air bubbles are formed and circulate water to the surface, causing aeration.

Display aerators come in many designs to compliment your pond or lake, and create the sound of splashing water.