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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting barrels
Rainwater harvesting systems collect and treat rainwater, and store it for future use. The water can be used for things like watering your flowers and grass. I sell rain barrels and can set them up for you.
  • Flowers
  • Vegetables
  • Lawn
  • Washing vehicles & equipment
Using rainwater reduces your dependence on your well water or municipal water supply. It's especially advantageous during dry weather and watering bans, but it can also help during heavy rains by drawing away some of the water that could cause flooding and erosion.

How It Works

Rain harvesting systems can be built using residential and commercial buildings. A simple setup could be a rain barrel to collect roof water for watering your garden. Bigger systems involve large above ground or buried tanks to store and treat the water, and pumps to make it available for use.

A typical rainwater harvesting system is fairly straightforward, made up of:

• Downspouts from your roof
• Filters for large debris
• Water storage tanks
• Filtration system to clean and treat the water
• Distribution system to deliver the water to your garden, sprinkler, etc.

Pro-Turf Irrigation can install rainwater harvesting systems, and provide maintenance and inspections to ensure your system continues to produce clean water. It's important to ensure your eaves, downspouts, and other components remain clean.