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Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Lawn sprinkler installed by Pro-Turf Irrigation
Call today to discuss your residential or commercial sprinkler system. Start-to-finish new projects, trenchless install. Two-year warranty, four-year available. Get an audit of your existing system to save water and money.
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For your grass to remain healthy and great looking, your sprinkler system must be installed to operate efficiently and consistently. Everything stems from designing your system to meet the needs of your specific turf.

Make sure your sprinkler system gets installed right the first time. For new sprinkler installations or maintenance and repair of existing ones, be sure you hire a professional.

With so many years of hands-on experience, I've seen just about everything. Wrong pump sizes. Wrong controller settings. Inappropriate parts. Enclosures that leak because they aren't waterproof. Entire systems installed poorly.

Not only do these things cost you money to have fixed, some can be dangerous. Your system should be installed carefully and safely the first time, and that's my promise to you.
Residential sprinkler systems

How It Works

I'll visit your property and meet with the homeowner or property manager.

Your project will be be guided by property size, terrain elevations, sunny and shaded areas, plants and trees, water source and pressure, and more. Water can be drawn from the city, a well, pond, creek, or lake.

The planning and design of your sprinkler system includes things like sprinkler head placement, watering schedule, length of watering times, where to install the controller, and the location of control valves. Options like rain sensors and live weather data can be used to save water. You may also choose to add fertilization into the system, to water and nourish your grass at the same time.

A typical residential system takes 2-4 days to complete, while something like a sports field might take one to two weeks.

Repair calls for poorly built systems are so common that I've learned to always have a variety of spare parts on hand, which helps make service calls faster. Pro-Turf deals with all models and brands.

Give me a call, I'll take care of everything.
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